Tasty Carolina Grill Seasoning

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A tasty seasoning for everything on & off the grill!



A perfect blend for burgers, chicken, chops, meatloaf, turkey, and steaks! Just coat them liberally and let stand a half hour, then grill away!

Also great for vegetables! Mix with a dash of olive oil for a flavorful side dish!

Not just for the grill! Spice up any indoor dish with ease!


Net Wt. 13.5oz (382g)

2 reviews for Tasty Carolina Grill Seasoning

  1. Josh Graber

    If your looking for the right seasoning to grill with then you done found it! Look no further! This seasoning goes good with anything that your looking to Grill! Steak, Chicken, or any other type of meat along with veggies! Your guaranteed to love it!

  2. Matt

    First off, I was pleasantly surprised at the size of this bottle! It’s about twice the size of most seasonings. I haven’t had the chance to use this on a lot of different meats, but everything I have tried has turned out spectacular! I’ve tried many different rubs and have tried mixing my own blends, but this tops them all. Hands down.

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